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10Rule® Technology by Bottom Line Results, LLC

Our cloud based technology is built on 25 years of clinical brain-mapping and business consulting. It is patented, independently validated for statistical significance, used by major U.S. corporations, and is EEOC compliant.

New Discovery in Brain Science Elevates People and Business

10Rule® science, combined with cloud based technology solutions, improves human and business performance with measurable and guaranteed ROI. These patented solutions and technologies provide breakthrough results to the individual in 4-6 weeks by impacting root source cognitive thinking.
  • Provides a metric known as Px-12 which measures all 12 performance thinking algorithms impacting root source thinking. Additionally, scalable solutions are available on-line or with personal coaching to help the individual change the way they think with any of the 12 drivers.
  • Impacts bottom line business results by improved operational costs (50% less on recruiting), lower health care costs, reduced turnover, increased productivity, >90% accuracy to replicate top 10% performing employees, and increase employee engagement.
  • All solutions are personalized following an assessment taking 10 minutes to complete. No health care claims or other data is required. Results occur in 4-6 weeks!
  • 10Rule’s Performance Thinking Algorithms are patented, validated and already EEOC compliant. 10Rule technology platform is SaaS based, and solutions (Measure, Bench, Identify, Hire, Develop and Audit) are each high access low cost, scalable remedies easily connected to IT systems using API’s.

The Science Behind 10Rule®

Research in this field has been performed over the last 25 years by Gary Morais, an acclaimed psychotherapist and expert in human behavior. It has led to his discovery and a patent encompassing scientific cognitive performance thinking algorithms (PTA™) that are at the core of an effective cognitive engine platform. Over the last two decades his work has been conducted in a clinical environment, using human participants, and in active businesses strategy consulting practice focusing on job function performance related actions in businesses. The resulting process has been tested and retested using robust standardized clinical practice procedures, and in live workplace environments, in a wide variety of companies and industries, within a carefully constructed proof of concept. This discovery and its platform application are branded 10Rule®.

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