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10Rule Platform – Breakthrough in Performance and Wellbeing by Bottom Line Results LLC

10Rule cloud platform and its science based metrics provide a new preventive behavioral healthcare solutions for greater wellbeing and productivity.

The 10Rule  “The key strategy of maximizing success for organizations is sustainably replicating the top 10% performance level of each employee that links to measurable bottom-line results.”

 New Hybrid Cognitive Technology                                    What We Do


10Rule Case Study Results

Ultimate STRATEGY & RESULTS from 10Rule on Vimeo.

What is 10Rule®?

The 10Rule® Strategy – “The key to maximizing success for individuals and organizations is sustainably replicating the top 10% performance level of all talent that links to measurable bottom-line results.” This strategy is accomplished and achieved via the 10Rule® Cognitive Business Transformation suite of Cloud products.

Unique Disruptive Cognitive Technology

10Rule’s® Hybrid Cognitive Technology combines 15 years of cognitive clinical performance solutions with 20 years of business strategy and organizational development into ONE powerful, hybrid technology embedded with a cognitive ‘Performance Thinking intelligence algorithms’ – talent performance thinking metric.

Our Technology Differentiators

What do we mean by ‘Performance Thinking Intelligence’? ‘Performance Thinking intelligence’ is 10Rule’s® proprietary technology. Our technology generates ‘Performance Thinking Algorithms’ that predict both positive and counter productive results for delivering a more sustainable better bottom-line. The 10Rule® Cloud platform can be used as a complementary platform to existing systems or used as standalone modules.

Overall Benefits With 10Rule® Suite

Business Outcomes

  • Increasing sales revenue
  • Saving costs
  • Increased profits
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • Faster Business Transformation
  • Efficient pre/post Merger integrations
HR Outcomes

  • 90% efficiency in selection of top performing talent
  • 50% recruiting time savings
  • 50% hiring savings
  • 10% to 30% Performance increased in weeks
  • Faster workforce performance transformation
Wellbeing and Health Outcomes

  • Provides new science based preventive behavior healthcare solutions
  • Provides greater wellbeing and productivity in weeks
  • Provides low cost scalable remedies, activities and tools for greater personal wellbeing
  • Provides link between performance and greater wellbeing
  • Without any claims data provides accurate ID remediation for common chronic health issues

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