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Disruptive Hiring.

– Mark Cuban Dec. 2012 Entrepreneur Magazine
CUBAN:  Another trend:  “Software is taking  over the world. Wherever you can insert software and intelligence and data to reduce your employment cost you’re going to do it”.


The Problem:
Recruitment today is an extremely time consuming and expensive process. Recruiters spend most of their time talking to and reviewing resumes of “bad-fit” candidates, thereby wasting time and energy.

10Rule – Applicant Performance Screening & Vetting Engine from 10Rule on Vimeo.

10Rule Hiring Results

Ultimate Software CASE STUDY – HIRING from 10Rule on Vimeo.

Advanced recruiting organizations desire to cut recruiting time and costs in any way possible. Until now, they have not had a truly disruptive recruiting technology that identifies top performing candidates in real time, before even opening a resume.

Our Applicant Performance Screening and Vetting Engine is a new, patented and proven recruiting technology that is changing the landscape for recruiting departments and organizations. Recruiters now have the ability to lower recruiting costs and reduce applicant evaluation time, all while providing “best-fit high performing candidates” in days.

This Seamless plug-and-play solution allows you to:

  • Find top performing “best fit” candidates before you open a resume
  • Cut hiring time and costs up to 50%
  • Hire to job specific performance skills and abilities with 90% accuracy per hire
  • Utilize custom behavioral interviewing questionnaires identifying “hot spots” for all candidates
  • Link to current Applicant Tracking Systems and company websites

The Applicant Performance Screening and Vetting Engine

The Process:

Step One: We connect to your Applicant Tracking System via a simple API

Step Two: With input from executives and supervisors, our triangulation algorithms create a Top 10% Performer Benchmark for each position or job family. (30 min per position)

Step Three: After applicants post their resume, applicants are instantly prompted to take our brief online evaluation (10-20 min of each applicant’s time)

Step Four: Our systems evaluate each candidate’s performance profile, pass their performance profile information through our “benchmark match algorithm”, then auto-rank all applicants while pre-vetting top ranked applicants. (Automatic) The top applicants are displayed on the recruiters dashboard and the recruiter is ready to pull the resumes of top performing candidates.

Step Five: You only reach out to top ranked, pre-vetted applicants, and use the custom behavioral interview questions, normal performance reports, and under-stress performance reports that are produced for all applicants to help make final decisions. (countless hours and costs saved)

Step Six: Decide what to do with all of the time and resources you saved by implementing our Applicant Performance Screening and Vetting system.

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