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Executive / Team Training.

Promotion & Succession Development


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10Rule® Strategy Training for Management

Most organizations begin by profiling their top talent and engage in a one day 10Rule® Certification Basic Training. This may be with Top Executives, Department teams, HR /Organizational Development, or Sales Teams. Organization needs and current goals/focus would impact the starting point of the 10Rule® Strategy. For example, it could be for Global transformational change, Strategic Hiring,  Team Leadership Development/Coaching, Sales trang, Mentoring, succession and strategic planning, organizational development, company reorganization and restructuring, pre/post mergers and integration, and/or an element of the Corporate University curriculum. Additionally, the 10Rule® Strategy reaches all facets of an organization’s  succession plan.

Strategic Hiring in all Positions, Including High Performing Sales Teams

Sustainable growth is at the heart of the talent life cycle and  is always focused on recruiting top performing talent. 10Rule’s patented candidate assessment and applicant performance vetting engine plugs in to any ATS system ensuring that you only hire candidates that mirror the top 10% of performers in a given job.  Hiring strictly  top performing talent replicates your top talent initiates is the key to the 10Rule® Strategy. Using the top talent bench template for each job family or job role, organizations can hire top talent with a 90% success rate while lowering recruiting time and costs as much as 50% to 75%. Recruiters can now spend their time on pre-vetted, high potential candidates instead of scanning hundreds of resumes and countless hours doing phone screens.  Companies will perform better over time by consistently replicating their top 10% through better hiring. This element of the 10Rule® Strategy is critically important to maintain long term sustainable strategic growth and perpetuating a high performance culture.

Executive & Management Leadership Team Basic Training & Development

Basic training on the 10Rule® Strategy and delivery systems for all key leaders provides a cohesive deployment of the 10Rule® Strategy to maximizing performance and achieving the organization’s financial goals faster. This is critically important in maintaining long term sustainable strategic growth and high performance team development. To achieve maximum sustainable results, leaders will learn to deploy the 10Rule® Strategy of measure, bench, hire, and develop all talent to the top 10% performance level to drive bottom line results. These Strategic Thinking Leaders become the driving force that understands and promotes the vision of a global 10Rule® Strategy.

Strategic Development / Coaching

The 10Rule® online coaching system can provide the essential performance tools for existing employees.  Measure each individual’s performance potential and provide specific custom coaching tools in those areas that need to grow.  At the end of the coaching period, employees can re-assess and show measurable improvement in their performance potential and achieve better financial results for the company.  By discovering each person’s unique performance potential, coaching is more targeted to maximize their financial results through replicating their top 10% of performers.  This makes managing people far more effective and provides game-changing results for all employers.

Organizational Development – Corporate Universities

The 10Rule® Strategy is the critical catalyst for an organizational development department. It provides the ability to capture and maintain “what works successfully” and scales the company successes faster. It empowers organizations with a proven performance driven methodology and solid research about what does and does not work in building a high performance culture. With the 10Rule® Strategy, organizational development has specific frameworks and performance drivers  needed for faster change and accurate decision making.

Mentoring and Succession

As with any Succession Plan, it is important to accurately identify the future leaders. With the 10Rule Metric (Px-12 Performance Profile) these individuals can be easily identified, along with their most pressing developmental needs. The Targeted Performance Coaching program is the fastest and most efficient method for meeting these needs. Targeted Coaching delivers a greater impact on leadership performance skills, and career growth opportunities for the individuals, relative to their readiness, talent, and identified competencies needed for future success.  The 10Rule® Strategy targeted coaching system also provides complete accountability reporting when evaluating the future leader’s progress.

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