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Our Difference.

Our Difference – Speed, Accuracy, and Cost Efficiency



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Others Offer:
Many businesses have been started to help other companies hire or develop better fit human capital. On one end of the spectrum you have assessment companies, with questions generally designed to shed light on an applicant’s “style” or “personality”. These offerings are quick and easy to launch, and offer directionally useful information, but also require a manual evaluation process when it comes time to assemble actionable information from their outputs. On the other end of the spectrum you have consultants; they will gladly charge you countless billable hours to analyze your company for months to create custom job assessments, all while detracting from your executives and other employees. Given the required time, committed resources, and considerable fees, consultants offer a questionable net benefit.

Our Technology Stands Apart Because It:

  1. Is based upon clinical science, performance research, and 10Rule strategy.
  2. Has been scientifically proven to hire top performing talent with a 90% success rate per hire.
  3. Cuts recruiting time and costs by up to 50%… rather than adding to both.
  4. Achieves the same results as the trainload of consultants in terms of hiring or developing Top 10% Performers to any position – but for magnitudes less per hire!
  5. Can be automated and fully integrated – but is easy to implement and intuitive to use.
  6. Requires virtually no time or resources from executives to drive value-added decisions.


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