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Curious why some employees excel and others don’t? Individual performance results from the employees performance thinking, which is stored the brains “hard drive” . These thoughts or  “performance drivers”, measured by 10Rule online metric, indicate where incorrect thinking is directly impacting an individual’s ability to produce or engage desired competencies. The weekly one-on-one, online performance coaching sessions provide custom tools that empower employees to identify incorrect thinking, and apply the tools to develop new performance  thinking skills . This drives new behavior outcomes and they are able to achieve significant improvement in weeks.

Sustainable Online Development with Targeted Performance Coaching has been proven to produce a 10% to 30% performance increase in 3 to 8 weeks. It is also a process that employees enjoy immensely, makes them feel valued, and creates a common performance language among colleagues, but most importantly it DRIVES EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT quickly. At the end of the coaching period, employees are re-evaluated and show measurable improvement in their performance-fit. They are equipped to achieve better financial results for the company.

Targeted Performance Coaching involves online one on one coaching sessions that are focused on the source of performance failure – the performance driver deficiencies in your existing employees. Based on Top 10% Performer Benchmarks for each position, we can re-wire people to achieve the performance levels of their Top 10% Performing colleagues.

The key is creating individual performance improvement. When we explain and visually show an employee how we were able to measure levels that were too low in Ambition, Confidence, Relational, Interpersonal, and Systematic, or too high in Need for Reassurance, Controlling, Skeptical, Self-Defeat, and Self- Conscious, then the door opens for personal buy-in and motivated change. From there we work an employee through our proven systematic 7-step development process.

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