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Case Studies.

10Rule – Measure, Bench, Hire, Develop

10Rule for Turnarounds

SITUATION: The CEO of a Internationally known fresh food organization wanted to buyout, turnaround, and resell the organization. All the departments needed a performance lift. This was to be accomplished with the current management team so coaching was need – and as the organization grew, adding only top performing talent was also key.

SOLUTION: Apply The 10Rule Strategy (Measure, Bench, Hire, Develop). This was accomplished by identifying the top 10% levels of top employee’s performance drivers, then develop all executives toward this benchmark. We then developed employees in all departments to toward the top performer benchmarks. At the same time we used the Top Performer bench for hiring only top talent to maintain sustainable performance increases.

RESULTS: 12 months after the buyout – sales experienced double-digit growth (well above industry trend rates). EBITDA was up over 85% year-on-year. Retention rates more than doubled.

10Rule Bench and Hire

SITUATION: A 40 store Pizza Hut group was failing in their goal to hire top performing customer service employees. They were using a consulting firm for this effort and not getting results. Their comment was, the consulting firm “delivered a wheelbarrow of invoices with little results”.

SOLUTION: We were hired, we developed a Top Performer Customer Service Bench that provided a sustainable performance metric. We deployed the 10Rule assessment  and Laser Beam Hiring module  for evaluating all applicants for the 40 store chain.

RESULTS: Hiring costs dropped 90% as applicants could be pre-vetted to perform. Delivered hiring results  for 1/10th of what they  were paying the former consulting firm, while hiring only top performing customer service people “We could hire to the top 4% level of performance using the performance profile metric. This is the most accurate performance measuring system   I have used in my 35 years in business. This  is truly a profit strategy system”. Jim T. VP of corporate Development for Pizza of America – Pizza Hut of Richmond, VA.

10Rule Bench and Hire

SITUATION: Manufacturing and technology firm during a post merger integration wanted to hire top performing engineers. They wanted to determine performance drivers and competencies in their applicants for employee level positions.

SOLUTION: Develop a top performer bench that reflected the competencies for “right fit top performing candidates”. Then provided the 10Rule online hiring system to quickly and  identify best fit high performing candidates that also had a strong culture fit.

RESULTS: 100% Success rate in hiring top performing talent. Later, during a company wide downsizing, none of the candidates hired using our 10Rule hiring system were let go.

10Rule Development

Targeted Performance Coaching – Buyer / Planner

SITUATION: The performance of the organization was down and needed to be raised.  The individual  in charge was too afraid to try new things. Fear of failing and his need for reassurance were controlling his life and his work performance.

SOLUTION: Started Targeted Performance Coaching with the idea of increasing the bottom line  by giving the man the confidence to re-negotiating with suppliers.

RESULTS: New Profits to the bottom-line.  Within Two weeks of Targeted Performance Coaching  he generated $38,870 to the bottom-line by using new intrinsic skills to renegotiate prices. Within four weeks of he generated a total of $50,000 to the bottom-line.

10Rule Development

Targeted Performance Coaching  – Manager of an Engineer

SITUATION: The manager is about to be fired. He doesn’t get along with employees he is managing. He is  not being invited into meetings and is being evaluated , but given a last ditch effort to salvage him as an employee of the company.

SOLUTION: Started  10Rule Targeted Performance Coaching with the idea of lowering his Controlling and Skeptical performance drivers and increasing Effective Leadership skills.

RESULTS: 31% Increase in our Performance Rating reported by the Supervisor of the Engineer – 10 hours of Targeted Performance Coaching resulted in this same person getting 2 raises in 12 months and was made  a Director of  the company within the same year. This person  5 years later is a key leader of the organization.


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